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Are you looking for alternative medicines for your dog? Our step-by-step guide of the best CBD for dogs will teach you everything you need to know about hemp extracts.

Over the last decades, the public’s views on cannabis have been steadily changing. Weed and weed legalization was once something only spoken by the most liberals leftist at universities. However, nowadays, people talk about it in the mainstream media and social networks, workplaces, schools, colleges, and many households.

Researchers have long ago proven the advantages for humans in consuming CBD oil. From treating war veterans who have PTSD to children with epilepsy who are prone to seizures, the health benefits of CBD seem endless. This has led many to wonder if they should consume CBD to ease some ailments they have. In addition, this almost miraculous plant has also caught the attention of pet lovers.

The pet owners who have had a sick dog or are in their final years know how painful watching them go through this period is. Pains abound, and if we compare their situation to the most joyful times, it becomes heartbreaking. If we’re lucky, the vet will find precisely what they need, though it doesn’t always prevent them from every ache.

So, it’s no surprise dog owners are trying to figure out whether their furry friends can reap some of the benefits of CBD we humans experience. Interested? Please read our guide on the best CBD for dogs to know everything about it.




Many people discuss marijuana legalization, the moral and ethical dilemmas of criminalizing weed, how it affects racial minorities, or whether God would approve of it. This makes it easy to lose track of the critical stuff: quality information on what we consume and its effects.

First, we should know we aren’t talking about marijuana here, which is a plant from the cannabis family. We’re talking about hemp, a plant from the same family but with an essential legal distinction: it has less than 0.3% THC.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC for short, is a chemical component found in the cannabis plant. This compound is known for its psychoactive effects and for making people “high.” Hemp is so tiny that it has no strength to make you feel this way.

When we buy weed medicine or products, they’re usually made with hemp extract. Hemp has more than 50 chemical plant compounds. Nevertheless, the critical feature of this oil is a large amount of CBD, an acronym for cannabidiol, another compound from the cannabis plant. In contrast with THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects. Three types of CBD oils can be used in hemp-infused manufacturing:


  • full-spectrum CBD oil: it has all the chemical components from the hemp plant, including THC, but in inconsequential amounts that won’t get you or your dog high;


  • broad-spectrum CBD: this oil lets you reap the benefits from every compound found in hemp except for THC; and


  • CBD isolate: it’s considered the purest form of CBD as it doesn’t have any other plant compounds.


Now that the difference between marijuana and hemp and THC and CBD are clear let’s see the benefits.


General Benefits of CBD for Pets


The more highlighted benefits from CBD are usually seizure management or anxiety control, conditions related to our minds. This happens because our bodies have an endocannabinoid system with receptors that interact with the cannabidiol chemical. These receptors are found in our brains, which helps us manage these types of illnesses.

Despite how shocking it might be, scientists have found that dogs have a similar endocannabinoid system, which means CBD interacts similarly with their bodies. Some of the illnesses consuming CBD oil or CBD infused products may help dogs with are:


  • Arthritis:

    6 out of every ten dogs will develop some form of arthritis in their lifetime. Nonetheless, there’s a beacon of hope as an article from 2020 claimed the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil could help your buddy deal with it. Though hemp extract may not cure this disease, it will surely aid with some symptoms such as difficulty walking, joint pain, lack of stamina, swollen joints, and others.


  • Seizures:

    dogs that suffer from epilepsy can find relief in this oil, a Colorado State University study claims. It’s essential to notice that the only CBD medication by the FDA is meant to help control seizures in humans. Dogs having a similar endocannabinoid system may have the same benefits from this hemp extract.


  • Anxiety:

    CBD oil in humans treats mental disorders such as high stress levels, eating disorders, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders. Your dog can also get these benefits. Despite your pet not suffering from these conditions chronically, CBD can also be administered before flying or if a loving member from their surroundings departs for a long time.


Despite all these benefits, you’re probably wondering if it’s safe to give your little buddy CBD oil. The answer is that, in reality, more research is needed to confirm their reliability. The FDA doesn’t regulate CBD products for humans and is probably from doing it for dogs. Moreover, due to the CBD oil for dogs market being so new, there’s an essential lack of funding for research.

Nevertheless, with all the above being said, some studies with CBD have been made in dogs that suffered from a wide range of problems. Results showed that most could assimilate CBD oil well and had incredible improvements.

Side effects, on the other hand, were quite rare and, fortunately, they are mild. Some of them were dry mouths, dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhea, and low blood pressure. It’s worth mentioning, however, that these effects were only temporary.


Best CBD for Dogs – Lucky Number 7


As we’ve seen, CBD can become a great alternative to traditional medicines. The potential pros far outweigh the anecdotal cons your dog might have. Nonetheless, there are different CBD products in the market and, without any regulation, not everyone has the highest quality possible. To help you out, we’ve tested them ourselves, and here are our top seven of the best CBD products you can buy:

CBD Pure pet

CBD Pure pet

  • CBD Pure


This brand’s weak CBD isolate oil, extracted from their organic hemp farms in Colorado, is perfect if you own a small breed or fear your clumsy hands may screw it up. With only 100 milligrams of CBD per bottle and 3.5 mg per full dropper, you won’t have any issue doing it correctly. Your little friend will be thankful to you.

Corn Bread CBD

Corn Bread CBD

  • Cornbread Hemp


CBD oil doesn’t have to be a blend, flavorless extract from a plant only. If you’re with me, try Cornbread Hemp’s CBD oil for dogs. It’s made combining full spectrum hemp extract with coconut oil, and it comes in a vegan corndog flavor to satisfy the more exquisite tastes out there.

They go one step further with USDA organic hemp extract & organic coconut oil as a carrier oil to make their products Top quality in the market.

Penguin CBD Tincture

Penguin CBD-Tincture

  • Penguin’s CBD 

If you’re looking for an affordable, top-quality product, look no further. Penguin’s broad spectrum CBD oil is obtained using the CO2 extraction method, which provides a hemp extract free of any impurity other methods can leave behind.

Their oil is catered for small and gigantic breeds, from their 250 mg of CBD bottle to the Italian Stallion (as I like to call it for its vast strength), a bottle that has 2500 mg of CBD!



  • FAB CBD Treats


Having issues giving CBD oil to your dog with a dropper? Then it would be best if you fabbed CBD pet treats. Their wheat-, dairy-, corn- and soy-free chews are perfect for your pet. They’re infused with FAB CBD’s reliable and trustworthy broad-spectrum oil and are designed according to your dog’s needs.

Their salmon-flavored chews are meant for skin and coat health. Chicken-flavored treats, on the other hand, boost their immune support. Finally, their tasty peanut butter apple cookies are designed for de-stressing and anxiety management.

Charlotte Web CBD

Charlotte Web CBD

  • Charlotte’s Web CBD


Broadly well-known because of their role in helping the unfortunate Charlotte Figi with her epilepsy, this brand is looking to bring their products’ benefits to non-human animals as well. Their full-spectrum oil has been praised for its rigorous third-party lab testing and manufacturing standards.

Even more, it’s one of the few oils certified by the National Animal Supplement Council, not so bad for a company that’s only a decade old. Their oil has 17 mg of CBD per ml and comes in two bottle sizes: 30 and 100 MLS. You can buy it chicken-flavored or in its natural flavor.

Petly CBD

Petly CBD

  • Petly’s CBD Oil


After experiencing the benefits of cannabidiol oil first-hand, the founders of this company are set to help our beloved friends. Whether your dog needs it to ease chronic pain or manage anxiety at night, you can rest assured that Petly’s broad spectrum CBD oil will do the trick.

It’s extracted from top-quality organic hemp and labeled preservative-, additive- and cruelty-free. Their oil comes in three strengths: 125, 250, and 500 mg of CBD per bottle. Not sure yet? You can try their CBD oil and return it if unsatisfied, as they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Verma Farm Pet

Verma Farm Pet CBD

  • Verma Farms’ CBD


Having a compromise with a healthy and natural lifestyle, this renowned company makes their top-tier oil for dogs using only organic hemp grown in the USA and the CO2 extraction method. Their oil bottles come in two different potencies: 150 and 300 mg of CBD per unit.

Moreover, they care so much for their loyal (and new) customers that they offer free shipping nationwide, a subscription program so you never run out of oil, and a 30-day refund policy for intact products with shipping cost payment if they sent any wrong products by mistake! This brand’s only downside is that their oil comes salmon-flavored exclusively, though they’re looking to expand their options.


Some Final Thoughts


As a dog owner and lover myself, I’ve tested and experienced the effects CBD oil has first-hand with my 14-year-old four-pawed friend. You’d know how gloomy a situation it may be seeing your buddy suffer from the illnesses age brings after so many years of running around and struggling to keep up with his pace.

Personally, it’s hard to overstate how reinvigorating hemp extract can be. Trying something new out, especially on someone besides yourself, might be frightening. However, I encourage you to turn a blind eye to the unfunded stories you can find online and give CBD oil and CBD-infused products. If you have any more doubts, ask your veterinarian about them.

So, leave your fears aside and help your dog now. CBD has a lot of benefits to offer us with very mild and seldom-seen side effects. The options abound, so you’ll find one that’ll suit you perfectly. Give CBD oils for dogs ago, and we’re sure you and your pet will thank us later!