Best CBD Oils for Dogs

 A new product is coming to a pet shop near you. CBD oil for dogs is the latest trend among pet owners. Read our Step by Step Guide to know which one is the best CBD Oil for Dogs.

 We’re currently experiencing a new era of self-consciousness and intense doubt of big institutions. Of course, big pharmaceutical corporations aren’t exempted. More and more people are questioning traditional medicine and wondering if there is a healthier alternative. It was a matter before this questioning hit animal drugs, especially with their prices increasing constantly.

As an unthinkable adversary, hemp seed oil has sprung up to face the more traditional medicines for dogs. Whether you’re a weed consumer or not, you’re probably startled. What do you mean? Can canines consume CBD oil? Won’t that get them high and kill them? Well, don’t you fret, my friend. To you, I say: read our review on the best CBD oils for dogs to find out everything you need to know.


 CBD’s Popularity’s Skyrocketing


Over the years, there’s one alternative to holistic medicine that’s appeared as controversial as applicable. I’m talking of no other than cannabidiol oil (or CBD for short), of course. It’s been in center stage in the media, social networks, and even in most political campaigns since last year’s election.

 The widespread debate has sparked movements that fight to legalize hemp and marijuana throughout the country. Last year alone, people from four different states voted to green-light legislation to authorize some form of weed consumption, either medicinal or recreational. This is many cornerstones that’ll push similar bills in other places forward. Its importance can’t be overstated.


CBD for Starters


There’s a lot of people talking about weed and CBD. You find discussions about pot legalization and consumption in the media and on social networks. Maybe even your grandpa may bring the topic to the table. Someone might mention to him it’d do wonders for his joint pain. So, if you’re interested in it but aren’t someone who knows a lot about CBD, let’s look into it.

To be precise, CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the chemical compounds found in the marijuana and hemp plant, a cannabinoid. Despite CBD often using a weed leaf on their labels, hemp seed oil (or CBD) is not a synonym for marijuana. Hemp is made of more than fifty plant extracts.

We usually associate marijuana with people smoking it on a couch while watching a bad Adam Sandler movie and laughing themselves off. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. THC is not present in significant amounts in CBD products, and the component that makes you high is called THC.


There are three types of CBD oils used in the production of CBD products:


  • Full-spectrum CBD: This hemp-extract all the chemical compounds of hemp. There is also THC, but, as mentioned above, the amount of it is so tiny that there’s no risk of getting high.


  • Broad-spectrum CBD: Broad-spectrum CBD oil is like full-spectrum CBD oil. It also has all the chemicals hemp is made of but THC. It is specially designed for consumers who are hypersensitive to psychoactive ingredients or taking a medication THC might interfere with.


  • CBD isolate: An oil-labeled CBD isolate means there’s no other part of the hemp plant present. It’s the purest form you can find CBD in.


Common  Health Benefits for Dogs


With the distinction between CBD and THC being explained, let’s talk about the benefits of CBD. As incredible as it may sound, CBD extracts can help dogs with many of our human ailments. The most common health benefits our loyal friends may reap from pet treats that have CBD in them are:


  • Helping with anxiety: Many pet owners are concerned about their dog when leaving for an extended period. Such is the case with people that make business trips abroad or, more recently, are being locked down at a different location due to a global pandemic. Pet CBD oil might help calm their dogs down and help with separation anxiety. It may also soothe them during a long plane trip. The same happens if they are exposed to loud noises like fireworks or cars if they live near a highway.


  • Reducing seizures: CBD has become famous for helping people with epilepsy or other seizure-inducing diseases (google for Charlotte Figi if you want to know more). According to a study from Colorado State University, CBD might have similar effects on dogs. In combination with other medications, it may help reduce the frequency of seizures for your dog.


  • Chronic pain reduction: At one point in their life, our pups will become older, and there’ll be some aging problems that’ll ail them. Among them, one of the most common medical problems is arthritis. Up to 6 out of 10 dogs will have it. As it happens with humans, dogs may find relief in the soothing effect CBD oil might have in their joint pain.


Is CBD Oil Safe for my Buddy?


As we have seen, there are tons of benefits CBD may have for your dog’s health. However, you probably feel doubtful about giving hemp oil to your pet. We should take into account that the FDA doesn’t currently regulate over-the-counter CBD products. There’s also a significant lack of research as concerns pet CBD oil. You should always consult your dog’s vet before your pet receives any CBD dog treats.


In case you are wondering, some side effects have been reported. Despite this, there’s no need for worrying as they’re usually not serious. They include diarrhea, dry mouth, fatigue, and a lowering of blood. We must, however, mention these reports are far, and we mean far, from common. The vast and expected potential benefits far outweigh the mild and rare possible side effects.

Oils that’ll Make your Dog Wag their Tails


So, after this long introduction, you’re probably wondering what the options are. Are there many brands of CBD oil for dogs? The answer is a resounding yes. However, after a lengthy review, we’ve compiled a list of the best CBD oil products, so you get good value for your money.

They may not be Frank Sinatra, but I can tell you these oils and dog treats will fly your furry friend to the moon. Without further ado, let’s see which ones they are:

Corn bread CBD for pet

Cornbread CBD for pet

  • Cornbread Hemp:

    Made of organic hemp and coconut oil, this additive and preservative-free oil are perfect for your dog. It was designed to get rid of that earthy and sour taste some CBD oils have. It won’t only relieve your pet from their pain and anxiety but will also delight their palate.

Charlotte Web CBD for pet

Charlotte Web CBD for pet

  • Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil:

    This decade-long brand with a renowned name thought, If we help humans with health issues, why not our four-pawed friends? So here they are! Their high-quality oil is made using MCT oil, which will make digestion easier. It has two different potencies, and you can buy it chicken-flavored or unflavored. Moreover, the National Animal Supplement Council has certified it for its moral testing result and production requirements.

Holistapet cbd tincture

Holistapet CBD tincture

  • HolistaPet:

    Available in different potencies, this GMO, gluten, and dairy-free oil is perfect for your dog. HolistaPet’s full-spectrum CBD oil has been specially catered for your dog and tested by a third-party lab. That shows there are no impurities, such as solvent residues or soil contaminants, to worry about. It comes in three different strengths: 150, 300, and 600 mg of CBD per bottle. Apply directly into the mouth with the dropper, or mix it with your pet’s favorite food. No matter how big your dog is, you’re sure to find exactly what they need on CBDfx’s website.

CBD pure

CBD pure

  • CBD Pure:

    If you have a tiny dog and are looking for a weak potency oil, this one’s for you. CBD Pure’s dog oil has only 100mg of CBD per bottle and is made of CBD isolate extracted from organic hemp grown in Colorado. A full dropper of this oil will contain less than 3.5 mg of CBD in it, perfect for your chihuahua or caniche or if you fear overdosing on your dog.

cbdfx pet tincture

cbdfx pet tincture

  • CBDfx:

    Do you find difficulty in making ends meet but still want a high-quality oil for your dog? Despite being the most inexpensive CBD dog oil in the market (per mg per ml), third-party labs have proved how excellent CBDfx’s oils are. These oils are obtained using the CO2 extraction method from some of the best organic hemp in the country. It comes beef or chicken-flavored and in three potencies: 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 mg of CBD per bottle.

Nuleaf pet CBD

Nuleaf pet CBD

  • NuLeaf Naturals:

    This brand’s full-spectrum hemp extract oil has the great honor of being the only one certified by the Department of Agriculture as organic. It’s produced using only organic hemp grown in Colorado. They come in three potencies: 300, 900, and 1800 mg of CBD per bottle.

ASBC CBD for pet

ASBC CBD for pet

  • ABSC Organics:

    Clinically tested CBD oils for dogs don’t abound. However, ABSC Organics’ oil has been used in lab tests at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of Colorado State University. It comes in different potencies and is naturally chicken-flavored.



  • FAB CBD:

    Are you fearful of giving your pet too many drops of oil? You’d love to have a portioned product that’s easy to handle for your clumsy hands? Look no further; FAB CBD got covered! Fab CBD sells marvelous broad-spectrum CBD-infused cookies that’ll make you wish they were for humans too. Unfortunately, they’re formulated to meet only your dog’s They come in three flavors, each designed to help your buddy with their problems: peanut butter apple, to ease their anxiety; salmon, to regulate skin oil production; and chicken, to reinforce their immune system.



What’s the Right Dosage for my Dog?


How much oil should I give them? This is the central question that comes to pet owners’ minds after deciding to administer CBD oil to their dogs. Unfortunately, as CBD products aren’t government regulated and even legal in some states, the answer isn’t written in stone. However, some guidelines, courtesy of ABSC Organics, are based on medical trials performed by Colorado State University.


To calculate how much oil to give your dog, you should consider their weight and CBD concentration in the oil. For most dogs, it’s usually 1 milligram (mg) of CBD for every 5 pounds of body weight. For example: if it’s a small breed and weighs 10 pounds, they’ll need 2 mg of CBD. If it’s a large breed and weighs 90 pounds, it’ll need 18 mg of CBD.


It’s essential to know how much mg of CBD per ml each oil has, so you can measure how many drops to give your pet. It’s also worth keeping an eye on your friend at the beginning of the treatment to adjust the dosage based on how the oil interacts with their body. Remember always to ask your vet should any doubt arise.


Final Thoughts


CBD oil has tons of potential benefits for humans, and it’s becoming widely accepted. Even people who reject the legalization of marijuana admit hemp oil may show promising results in some people. It’s probably not so different for our furry companions. Research on the topic has produced highly positive results.

I’ll be the first to admit more research is needed. Nevertheless, as more states legalize the use of weed and CBD for medical purposes, I’m hopeful funding will come up for labs. Companies are paying close attention to which products sell the most in states where it’s allowed and are getting ready to invest and take their cut.

I’m eager to try out some dog CBD oil ASAP. Despite the wait for more research, the possible benefits surpass the improbable harmful side effects hemp oil may have. I am a proud dog owner myself; I think everyone must give it a go-to to better their pets’ lives, especially if they have serious medical issues.