Here is CBD for Pets – A Guide for Beginners


Here we try to enlighten CBD for Pets. We guide the pet owners using CBD as a beginner by answering many questions that come out to mind especially the benefits, uses & safety issues of CBD for Pets.


 Is CBD safe for your loving pet?


This has been not so far when people started to use CBD as a treatment for their beloved pets like cats and dogs. Well in human trail CBD works just fine in most cases and also bringing some good results.


CBD is also known as cannabidiol is a much effective compound nowadays and yet proven by the researchers. But when it comes to research for animals like pets dogs or cats the chemistry is different.


Though many of the companies already started their production of animal CBD products. And recent years we see it hits like a jackpot. But truly is CBD safe for your pets? the question came when many of the pets owners were prescribed to treat their pets with CBD.


But we all have the right to know what the researchers say. In the year 2017, World health organization (WHO) report says that CBD is safe in most cases and tolerated by animals from the right amount of doses.


Veterinarian Stephanie McGrath says in her studies in 2012 that ‘CBD is a known compound and we should use the compound as per instructions, there is no false evidence that it is harmful but research is going and we know a bit of the compound yet still learning more.


Does CBD work?


In many cases, CBD works just fine for humans. Disease like insomnia, anxiety, sleeping problems, and also they sometimes use for cancer treatment. Like humans, animals have some benefits but the research says a little about it because it is in the early stages. So yes it works for the animal if you can control the doses of CBD. Also, your pets will not get high from the certain amount of doses from CBD unlike you who use the wrong products. Most people use CBD for anxiety and pain, it also works fine for them. But when it comes to animal treatments you have to be careful about what you are providing your pets. Joint pain, anxiety in pets, and sleeping problems could be covered by using CBD. If you use CBD for the right cause then you should bear in mind that it will work for your pet.


Is CBD Legal for pets?


CBD is legal for pets in many of the countries like most of the states in America also Canada. European many countries still researching the matter and soon it will be legalized all over Europe! Asian countries have yet not approved the use of CBD.


When it comes to CBD legalization fact we should follow the law of the countries. CBD products that are extracted from the hemp plant and monitored by the authority of a country are purely legal and safe to use. Hemp products that contain more than 0.3% of THC are banned from many states of the USA because of reminding about the tolerance in medical uses.


THC makes people or animal feels high and should not use without the concern of a doctor while it has some serious psychoactive side effects. So at last we can say that the right CBD is legal for your pet and you can use it to solve animals’ particular problems recommended by the veterinarian.


How much CBD is safe?


When it is the matter of CBD we know that it will bring no harm to us and also quite safe for particular reasons. If a hemp tree produces CBD that Contains .3% or more THC not be safe for you and also your pet.

Now every cell in the body will work as like as they were program to do their work. Pets are sensitive animals and they don’t like something too tough for their body.  CBD is something that relaxes the body and helps maintains blood pressure also works against some of the most common problems in the body. Most veterinarians prescribe CBD for pets nowadays. And they did it because the researcher claims that it is safe for the animals.


How does CBD work for Pets?


The CBD found from the cannabinoids interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors located in the central peripheral nervous systems, which helps maintain the body’s normal health. Because of CBDs anti-inflammatory properties and also anti-anxiety impact nowadays people from many countries gladly using it.

So as like humans, animals also have their cell tissues and they work just like the same. Pets have the endocannabinoid system like us so that CBD works for Pets.

CBD for Pet

CBD for Pet


Benefits of CBD for pets  


Well yes in the human body its works like magic and reduces some of the most common and painful problems. As it works on the human body it will also work on pets like cats and dogs because of the similar endocannabinoids system.

The researcher believes that CBD can similarly benefit Pets some of the common problems like humans:


  • Stress and anxiety-reducing effect
  • Improve appetite
  • Reduce pain
  • Prevent epilepsy and seizure
  • Helps in sleeping
  • Helps in noise phobias
  • Reduce itching problem
  • Helps in improving skin condition


There are more research data yet to come that how much CBD helps us & our beloved four-legged friends! The researcher still working on the process and researching CBD to gather more concrete information.

CBD Dosages:


From the previous data, we know that CBD came in many forms like oil tinctures, food, capsule, or cream. Because CBD is dissolved in fat or oils your pets should take it as edible rather than taking it as a capsule.


Specialists still creating many of the new forms of CBD products and they are in the process. Many of the CBD marketing companies creating their products like pet foods and also providing CBD in the water state. Based on the character of your loving pet you can choose the state of CBD as you like and your animal will take it without any hesitation.


A most common question of them all is about the dosages of CBD for animals and peoples gets confused about this matter. So you don’t need to worry about the doses of CBD for your pets as CBD products contain some great instructions about the uses and doses of CBD in their label.


The standard doses are 0.2 mg per kilogram of body weight. It varies from animal to animal. Your pet specialist will suggest the doses.


Here are few norms while giving CBD to your pet.


  • Always start with the lower doses for your animal
  • Use the certified CBD products without any THC in them
  • When your vet recommends something special for the pet try to maintain the exact doses
  • You should maintain using CBD twice a day
  • For extreme conditions, the amount is .5mg/kg and you should look upon this matter strongly
  • Always read the instruction before every dose
  • If the condition gets critical get help from your pet doctor


So how can you provide CBD to your pets? Yes you can provide it in many different ways like:


  • Provide CBD along with food
  • Give it with water
  • Simply feed CBD oil like Human
  • Balms


Listen to your veterinarian:


If your pets get sick or show any unwanted habits always get help from your pet doctor as it may sometimes save your loving friend. Veterinarians always try to keep the risk lower and they will suggest some of the finest tips and tricks maintain the health of your pets. In almost every case veterinarians recommended the best treatment and since CBD is a hype in the market nowadays they are prescribing CBD as the basic choice.


Based on your pet’s condition they will suggest you the CBD and hope it will bring positive results.