Side Effects of CBD on pets & what to DO?


Today’s work CBD is one of one the most powerful treatments among all of the natural products on the market. And what does this magical element do we know all. Still, your pet may encounter few side effects for CBD. In this article, we enlighten all the possible side effects of CBD on pets & what to do against the side effects of CBD in case your Pet faces!




Before we jump into the main topic let’s know what actually CBD is? CBD is a compound found in the marijuana tree and not only CBD you will found in the tree there are other elements like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is responsible for the dull (high) effect.


Recent several medical research shows that CBD is a promising product and its ability to reduce and cure many dangerous diseases like cancer, sleeping problem. Anxiety, pain, schizophrenia, insomnia, hunting stone, and many more of the common problems. But does the effect on animals remain the same as us?


We found that animals can’t talk but they can share their feelings! Like cats and dogs. Apart from that Pets have an endocannabinoid system similar to humans.

Cats and dogs are human’s great friends, for so many centuries. They were trained to obey their master and bring no harm to people. Pets like cats and dogs are that much adorable that people of many countries bring them to their homes and live with them like a family! These intelligent animals are much helpful to people and they are liked by all. For these reasons peoples are quite concerned about their health and they spent thousands of dollars on them.


Money is not the issue when it is a matter of our beloved Pet health. They become a family member to pet lovers as people raise them like their own children. Pets have many illness issues like pain, insomnia even madness.


In past, people visit their veterinarians for problems and they prescribe local medicines. But now CBD has natural solutions. Veterinarians started to prescribe CBD for dogs and cats. And really it is awesome!

CBD works very well like humans & helps pets to recover from some of the serious injuries and diseases. But there is always a question hit on the mind does CBD has Side effects on animals? Well, we will discuss the matter below.


What are the side effects of CBD? If yes, then what to do?


There are several cases of CBD side effects recorded in many of the countries among hundreds of cats and dogs. The good news is that The side effects are mild in Nature!

The main side effects are described elaborately here:




Well, you may be not familiar with the term Drowsiness it means in the subconscious mind pets get panic or become anxious about something. Now not all pets show the symptoms but there were some tests and researchers come to a conclusion that Drowsiness could be the cause of using wrong doses of CBD oil on pets. One of the most common problems among pets is that they are pack animals and they don’t like being alone so they become panic and anxious. But many cases show that CBD helps pets recover from these problems also. Rather than the side effects pets are also showing promising positive data. Dogs can get too much relaxation when they got the symptoms of drowsy.


Another thing you should get in mind is that your pet will be fully energetic when they wake up from a night of sleep if not then they might have some sickness issues. CBD side effects cause too much sleep and from there your dog might gain some weight which could be harmful. Although CBD brings good issues you have to look for some troubles also.




Another most common cause is diarrhea and however, it can remain some days or more from the side effect of CBD. It can be sometimes hard to determine that your dog’s diarrhea is caused by CBD to make sure you must consult your Venetian doctor.


To be sure if your dogs’ Diarrhea is caused by CBD you should stop giving the regular doses of CBD and continue your daily food to the dog which they love. Diarrhea alone can cause some serious damage to your pet like make him sick, reduce the number of potential vitamins and minerals along with water. Check all the possibilities so that your dog doesn’t have to suffer pain from it. Contact your local Veterinarian and provide your pet the best medical service ever.




Along with diarrhea dogs also will suffer from vomiting and from there they will lose all their interest in food and water. Vomiting may slow your dogs’ health and also it can cause some problems like sleeping. So if you feel that there’s something wrong with your pet and your beloved animal is vomiting continuously then you should consult your vet for the next instruction and treatment.




IT is normal for every dog to itching, biting, and even going here and there. But if the symptoms came after taking CBD and the symptom continues for more than some days then you should know that it is caused by CBD.


Sometimes it is not the perfect side effect but CBD has some strong medicinal properties that sometimes make dogs itching. Take some time to look after your pet and if you feel that the itching is beyond control and the dog can’t take it anymore then you should consult your pet doctor for the future better health of your pet.




CBD is being used as the treatment of several problems among pets and it brings some good results. Besides that, after taking CBD for the first time your pet can experience some dizziness. It is a common side effect among people also.


So if there’s dizziness found in your dog after continuously taking CBD then there’s nothing to be afraid of. The problem will solve itself as the organic body gets used to the CBD doses. Dizziness Caused because of the psychoactive properties of CBD.


Some people in the market nowadays selling some contaminated CBD products containing THC on them and for THC your pet will get dizziness. So you have to be alert about the product you are buying from your local market. Read every instruction very carefully and be sure to notice the product compounds.


Dry Mouth:


Cottonmouth is common while taking cannabis. Since CBD came from cannabis so you will feel some dryness in your mouth also. But what about pets? yes if you face the problem then your pet will feel the same. It is also a common and simple issue. Sometimes your dog could get nervous because of mouth dryness but it will be ok. As dogs don’t feel the same that every day they will also suffer from breathing problems, teeth health, and even sometimes cause pain. No matter what is the situation if it becomes worse then you should consult your vet doctor for the matter.


Low Blood pressure:


CBD has some magical properties and research showed that it is good for heart health. Since your heart pumps all the blood what CBD does is lower the blood pressure. As CBD has some neurological properties on them your pet will also feel the same.


If blood pressure gets down it should be normal within a few hours. Sometimes it depends on the amount of CBD doses you are giving your dog. Always read the proper instruction on the limitation of doses. If things get the sleep out of your control then you must consult a professional.




As we write before CBD has some psychoactive properties that make the body and mind sometimes dull and if your mind gets sleepy then you will also feel laziness. Same as laziness shown in dogs also. If you want to escape from the problem you need to get outside with your pet & regularly play with them to make them active.

Sometimes reducing the doses of the CBD amount could just help.


Increased Parkinson Disease Tremors:


Some people use CBD for some serious diseases like Parkinson’s or seizures. And if people could get the diseases so doe’s pets that’s what the research tells!

But if your pet got some tremors with these diseases then CBD could increase the problem a little bit. The better solution is to consult a doctor before providing the doses and also check the clinical reports of the pets.


Stomach problems:


Sometimes CBD could be the problem of your pet’s upset stomach. CBD works as it shows instantly and almost always works pretty well. But for some cases, it could be the cause of a stomach problem and your dog might get uncomfortable about the matter. Better feed them the regular food and also take good care alongside with consult with the pet doctor.



Takeaway: Side Effects of CBD on pets


These are some of the most common side effects among pets after taking CBD. But remember this problem could be caused by other activities as well. CBD alone could not be responsible for all of the problems. Sometimes it is natural for your pets to show these types of side effects and also all other symptoms. Better if you consult the Veterinarian about the problem. If a Veterinarian prescribes CBD for your beloved furry friend, make sure you follow all the instructions on the prescription.

In comparison to the benefits of CBD & Side effects, mild side effects are nominal. If you can take better care of your Pet then it will be better for their health!